The Villages of Christmas Island

The Villages was opened on the island in June of 2006.  Fishabout assisted the community in building the facility and now exclusively manages their booking and promotion.  Located on pristine white sand Discovery Beach, overlooking the ever changing aqua waters of the atoll’s lagoon.  It’s location is only a short 5 – 10 minute skiff ride to several large shallow easily waded flats, teeming with bonefish, some in double-digit sizes.

The Villages, features 10 air-conditioned double twin-bed bungalows, comfortably accommodating up to 16 anglers at a time.  There is a private bathroom in each unit and a porch facing Discovery Beach and lagoon.  A  “maneaba”, a local name for the anglers gathering center, lies in the heart of the complex, featuring a comfortable lounge and dining area, all with elegant South Seas atmosphere.  Locally flavored fish, meats and chicken are prepared by an experienced local chef and served by the trained kitchen staff.

The biggest advantage at The Villages is that your boat meets you just a few steps from your bungalow.

Anglers will be transported to the fishing in versatile South Pacific style, sea-worthy skiffs to the many productive bonefish flats and to the reef drop-offs for exciting light tackle GT’s (giant trevally) tunas, wahoo and sailfish. We have all but eliminated the use of  trucks so that anglers are able to maximize their valuable fishing time. Road transport is still used when the tides are right for fishing the outside flats like the Korean Wreck.  All of the guides are experienced and knowledgeable in all types of fishing. The senior guides have been fishing the island all of their life and they work with the younger guides to guarantee an excellent fishing program.  We are very proud of our guide team.


Everyone gets their own guide!

The entire Villages staff are well trained, service minded and always available to make your stay comfortable and most enjoyable. Call Fishabout at 1-888 409-2008, and make sure your next bonefish trip is to The Villages of Christmas Island.

Fly fishers will want to fish 7 – 8 wt fly rods with floating lines for almost all of the flats fishing for bonefish. For GT-trevally and other trevally on the flats, a 10 weight with floating line is ideal. Just offshore and around the coral heads you might consider a 12wt – 14wt outfit with sinking lines or shooting heads. A fly list will be provided at booking time.

Spin and conventional anglers will want a 7 – 8 foot light action spinning rod with 10lb test for flats bonefish, For GT-trevally a stout 7 – 8 foot spinning rod with a 5000 size spinning reel loaded with 50 – 60lb gel-spun line like Power-Pro. Offshore you can use heavy spinning or 20 – 30lb class trolling gear. A lure list will be provided at booking time.

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Getting There :

Fiji Airways flies every Tuesday between Honolulu and Christmas Island. The flight is surprisingly nice, The seats are comfortable, you are served a full meal, and there is a movie on board the 3 hour flight.  Baggage is limited to one check-on 50 lbs per person.

Plan on overnighting in Honolulu Monday night and the following Tuesday night when the flight returns.

About Christmas Island :

Christmas Island is located about 1300 miles south of Honolulu just north of the equator. Weather and fishing are consistent year round. Its official name is Kiritimati, pronounced Christmas (“ti” sounds like “s”), and it is part of the Republic of Kiribati, pronounced Kiribass, The capitol Tarawa is about 1700 miles to the west. The Australian dollar is the official currency, but US dollars are always accepted. The exchange rate varies.

Christmas Island is the largest atoll in the world, encompassing about 250 square miles including the central lagoon and salt water ponds, that occupy about 125 square miles. The lagoon is a maze of deep blue channels and white sand flats loaded with the local bonefish. There are also miles of narrow flats and shallow reef zones on the ocean sides of the island that can be waded and fished when the tides are favorable. In addition to bonefish, the flats and channels contain trevally (GT-giant, blue fin and golden), several species of triggerfish and a multitude of other species, all of which will grab your bonefish fly.  Mullet and milkfish are an abundant food source for local netters, most of whom no longer target bonefish or trevally.  Nets are designed to let bonefish pass unharmed. Possession of bonefish by locals is strictly prohibited and punishable by a large fine.


$2,990.00 – 2020 rate

per person based on double occupancy

Details :

  • Price is subject to change based on fuel increases and other factors.
  • Price includes sharing bungalow accommodations.  A personal guide for every angler is provided with 3 – 4 anglers per outboard powered 35 foot skiff.
  • Airfare is not included. The round-trip Fiji Airways flight between Honolulu and Christmas Island is approx $1000 US

Contact Fishabout for Availability and Booking.

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