Estancia Laguna Verde – Jurassic Lake

Estancia Laguna Verde Fishing Lodge:

Estancia Laguna Verde is unmistakeably the ultimate flyfishing experience in remote southern Patagonia Argentina. This is why a growing crowd of anglers return year after year for another taste of this amazing fishery – considered by many experts as “the Best Wild Rainbow Trophy Trout Fishery on the entire globe”. Period.

With first-class lodging and the best and most varied fishing programs in all Strobel Lake plateu, this is the obvious choice for serious anglers looking for a fishing trip of a lifetime. Enjoy exclusive access to miles and miles of the famous Strobel Lake and the amazing Barrancoso River, the incredible Moro creek and over 12 smaller lakes and lagoons that it chains, and the latest program – Monsters Bay Spring Creek.

Why choose Estancia Laguna Verde?

  • It is run and hosted by its owners, who are passionate fly fishermen who love and preserve this magnificent and pristine fishery.
  • Very flexible and varied fishing programs!  Definitely NO fishing elbow to elbow
  • Strategically located on the south coast of Strobel Lake, with exclusive access and fishing to more than 18 km of Strobel lake, with over 7 protected bays
  • 10 km Barrancoso River, in its best fishing part, with 3 sections, and 4 beats each one, 2 new hanging bridges, adding even more adventure and fishing
  • 12 km of Moro Creek, a slow flowing mendering stream, with spring creek like style and fishing, favorite among visitors, the 12 smaller lakes and lagoons chained by Moro creek and Monsters Bay Spring Creek, a recent discovery that promises to be a new favorite.
  • This is a fly fishing only lodge with top notch hardcore guides addicted to sight fishing offering World Class lodging and the personal attention of the friendly and personal staff. The lodge offers easy access to all of the different fishing possibilities via the 50km road system. You will be on the water in no time!
  • The cuisine is excellent provided by our exclusive chef and sous chef. The menu is carefully planned to include a selection of typical Argentinean meals, great “asados” (BBQ), famous Patagonian lamb, and the finest international dishes.
  • The outstanding wine cellar with renowned wines from Mendoza and other parts of Argentina, are personally selected by the owners.

Obsession for details!  They share the same passion and enthusiasm that moved you to travel all the way from home to southern Patagonia for the experience of a lifetime, and we want to make sure every detail of your stay is well taken care of so that you have a truly unforgettable fly fishing experience.

The Fishing: Unlike other operations in the Strobel area, Estancia Laguna Verde challenges visiting anglers to fish new beats every day of the week, combining varied locations and using different techniques targeting the best fishing with the most effective methods.

STROBEL LAKE : After several seasons of hard work, they can now take you along more than 14 km of the pristine waters of Strobel Lake. The scenery is breath taking and the fishing, out of this world! Wind can become a factor, so protected locations are crucial. You will be able to access many bays and protected spots such as Monsters Bay, Camelot Bay, Finger Bay, Moro Bay, Tasmania Bay, Sea Bay, Puesto Bay, The Aquarium and Dry Fly Bay, among the most famous spots. Fishing these sheltered waters ensures you enjoy outstanding sight fishing action even in the hardest of conditions.

BARRANCOSO RIVER: One of the highlight programs at this Estancia is the incredible Barrancoso River, the one and only tributary of Strobel Lake. This beautiful freestone river runs for more than 10 km through our Estancia. You will have exclusive access to the best pools and runs of this one of a kind river, fishing until the last meters where the river enters Strobel Lake. Argentinean regulations do not allow fishing in the river mouth and its surrounding 100 meters. Estancia Laguna Verde fishes this dream-like river with its crystal clear waters and amazing runs of huge trout in 3 different sections upper, middle and lower. With the addition of 2 hanging bridges over the river, angling guests will be able to access even the most remote pools offering outstanding fishing.

MORO CREEK: Discovered only a few seasons ago, Moro Creek is a spring creek-like stream which runs long through the Estancia chaining over 12 small and medium size lakes on the property. This awesome creek runs mainly during spring and summer, and it has, little by little, won the hearts of many of the guests, becoming a favorite among early and mid season visitors. The Estancia fishes 5 sections of this unique creek as well as the inlet and outlets of several productive lakes such as Los Flacos, Campamento, Los Chanchos and La Reja.

SMALLER LAKES AND LAGOONS: By northern and central Patagonia standards, many of the so called “lagoons” at Estancia Laguna Verde would fall under the category of lakes, which is actually what they are!

Fed by Moro creek, this amazing system of chained small lakes in Estancia Laguna Verde is an aspect many times overlooked in the quest of catching some of the largest rainbow trout in the world! These lakes can offer some of the most exciting still water fishing for resident brown trout, brook and rainbow trout in Argentina, which, combined with Moro creek, make a great program, any day of the week.

Fishing tackle:  The guides here value the idea and concept of sight fishing with floating lines.  All of the fishing programs are designed to try to obtain the best results, with the most rewarding style of fishing. With that in mind, about 95% of the fishing throughout the season is done with floating lines. In certain spots and in special conditions, the guides suggest sink tip lines or adding a sink tip poly leader, to work specific slots with fish cruising deeper in the water column.  For a full description of the fishing tackle used at ELV, please request our pre-trip tackle suggestions.

The fishing Guides:  These seasoned top-notch professional guides are very sight fishing oriented and with as many as 7 seasons guiding here (that is a lot for an 8 year old lodge!), all English-Spanish speakers are ready to share with you their invaluable fly fishing expertise.

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The Lodge:  On the shore of beautiful Green Lake, stands Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, perfectly located to allow you to reach quickly all the fishing spots available all around our 45.000 acres property. The Lodge main building is a typical “Estancia house” accommodating 10 to 12 anglers per week. It has 7 double bedrooms (with 2 single beds each) with comfortable “en-suite” bathrooms. They also offer single lodging and guiding for a special fare, if you require it. Inside the house you will be able to relax after a hard and exciting fishing day on one of the guest’s favourite spots at the lodge, its spacious living room overlooking Laguna Verde. Enjoying a glass of a great wine or a refreshing cocktail you can warm-up for dinner. This cosy room has a 42´ LCD TV with satellite connection and a DVD player for your enjoyment. A fly tying desk is available too so that you can stuff your fly boxes with a new set of flies after missing many in the thousand rocks there are all around. Or you can go for the library and relax, reading great books. To ensure you have all your fishing gear dried and ready to hit the waters every day They’ve built a changing room / drying facility at the entrance to the lodge to use before and after fishing. At the Lodge you can also enjoy Satellite IP telephone, free unlimited wireless Internet access and access to a computer if needed. Windmill generators (and back-up fuel generators) guarantee the energy demands of the Lodge, providing electricity (220 volt.) 24/7. Laundry service is provided twice a week.

The Lodge is located 100 meters from Verde lake, 15 minutes from Strobel Lake, 5 minutes from the Barrancoso River middle section, 20 minutes from the Barrancoso River lower and upper sections; 5 to 30 minutes from Moro creek, and 10 to 30 minutes for lakes such as Potrero, Texas, Horseshoe, depending the section and area of the Estancia you are fishing.

What is included:

  • -Transfers to/from Calafate (Santa Cruz) to/from Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, with especially prepared comfortable transportation and 4-wheel drive trucks with rod racks.
  • -Fishing at Strobel Lake, Barrancoso River, Moro creek and 15 smaller lakes inside the Estancia.
  • -Use of 4-wheel drive trucks and ATV´s inside the Estancia.
  • -Use of motor boats and skiffs during fishing (if weather conditions permit).
  • -One professional guide for every two rods.
  • -All meals at the Lodge prepared by the Cheff and sou-cheff (check out our web page for more information regarding menus).

Not Included:

  • Flights to and from Calafate.
  • Satellite and IP Telephone use.
  • Tips for the staff and fishing guides.

Fishing programs and prices:

Full-week programs: $5,400 (7 nights / 6 and half fishing days)

Half-week programs: $3,200 (4 nights / 3 and half fishing days)

It is also possible to add more days to these programs. Please contact us for more information and details.

Getting There:

Estancia Laguna Verde program begins at El Calafate City, a very important tourist city in the province of Santa Cruz. The lodge suggests that clients arrive to that city the day prior to the start of their fishing program. That way, they can take advantage of the next day, departing early to the lodge in one of the Estancia transfer vehicles, and arriving at a late lunch time, and fishing in the afternoon.

Contact Fishabout for Availability and Booking.

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